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Just though some people might be interested, s3v3n isn't dead, I've just been working on it. I've made two new dudes too
Nippps, nil nil nippsssssss, I got a whole fucking box and I'm gonna choke them down mah thoaaaaat
just wanted to ask, should i make an oct in the future? Like every three months is a new small tournament (because i know not too many people would actually join)
im definiately not doing it now because 1. i dont have time and im swamped in work both school and comms
and 2. i dont have any ideas for it yet

if you guys could comment what you think, tell me! if you guys say yes though, commissions, collabs or art trades wont be opened for a long ass time because i'd like to put my full effort into this. why? because i joined an oct with a friend and ive NEVER enjoyed something this much even though we only have 1 more day to submit all of the auditions if the oct decides not to extend it. it's been truely a laugh designing and getting weeks to really think a character through other then "name is blue, they like red, they orphan" and done, submit you know?
“I hope you die from cancer and see how bad hell really is, love Dad”
yearbook quotes, im telling ya
“I hope you die from cancer and see how bad hell really is, love Dad”

yearbook quote, kids, yearbook quote


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Dreamers-Desire Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay so
A) I'm really sorry I couldn't get my life together fast enough to get our Xotiathon stuff together
B) HOWEVER, I formally invite you to join my OCT, Belumination OCT, once it opens
C) We can put theboys into another OCT where we'll have more time to make them great
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Dreamers-Desire Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo if you submit your Xotiathon ref within the next 3 days I can write the audition for us
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